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Transition of (3) board members (thank you to everyone for their service!):

OUTGOING                                        INCOMING

Josh Freed                                          Susan Pagano (Apparel)

Mark Tierney                                     Russ Wiley (IT)

Robert Carey                                     Christopher Folloman

Future Boathouse Plans – Electricity being planned to run to the boathouse, fixing of lights, possible expansion of building to house more boats, planning on purchasing (2) new 4’s.

Need Growth of Program – we have volunteers are available for school/club visits at any time.

Fundraising Ideas/volunteers needed for the future of program.


                Rock Awards – given to rowers that have great attitudes and work ethic, congratulations!

NOVICE – Coaches Christine Vigneault, Jacob Garside, Susan Tuvell



VARSITY GIRLS – Coaches Mary Law, Courtney Edsen and Sarah Nute


VARSITY BOYS – Coaches Steve Garside, Mike Poreba



Christine kept up her tradition of adding a new level of prose and award entertainment (and encouragement) with her Concord Crew rendition of The Raven (Edgar Allan Poe)! We are all the better for it.


There will be a winter training season, dates TBD, location will be at the Concord Rec Dept , 14 Canterbury Rd Concord, NH. Signups will be through Concord Crew Website (email will go out when available), there will be erging available as well as online schedules the kids can participate in. The winter program is being formulated.


WREATHS & APPARELwreaths will be in approx. the week around Thanksgiving,

jackets coming in around the same time. We are given (1) day notice as to when

the wreaths will arrive at the boathouse. Volunteers (you could be one please!)

will reach out as soon as the wreaths arrive to arrange pickup times.  

WE HAVE 300 EXTRA WREATHS AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE, IF YOU MISSED A NEIGHBOR OR RELATIVE OR SOMEONE YOU KNOW WOULD LIKE TO BUY ONE TO DONATE, CONCORD CREW DONATES WREATHS TO LOCAL CAUSES. PLEASE GET IN TOUCH WITH JESS CLARKE or CHRIS GRAHAM. Also, suggestion was made to keep a copy of your personal wreath list to use for next year. If you are a senior, you can send me a copy of your list to pass on to future rowers to help keep this program going.



SPRING SEASON – Spring is a very different season. The distances are much shorter (1/3 of the fall distances, being roughly a mile) and much more intense. The regattas start earlier in the season than the fall (fall usually has roughly one month before regattas start). Rowers are strongly encouraged to keep up some type of physical activity during the winter so when spring season comes along, there will be less injuries (and less new callouses) with more fun and improvement.


HPG (aka “High Performance Group”) - Spring season will also have an addition to the schedule for those who are seeking more competition. The schedule for all rowers will remain like the fall, with 5 training days a week. For those who would like to push it to another level, a 6th day will be added to work on strength and technique. This 6th day will be encouraged for any rower who is interested in the Youth National competition (a springtime - May affair).


OVERALL – Concord Crew website and documentation will be going through some changes/ upgrades by springtime. Over the last few years, the craziness of COVID as well as changing of the Board members has led to the communication and website not being as organized as we would like. The Board is all volunteers, with some members volunteering long after their kids have graduated and moved on. Over the winter we aim to improve both the website and the communication. Be patient with us! And….let us know if you would be willing to help. This program is run by volunteers and we are always looking for help. Upcoming opportunities will be with the wreath distribution (1000 wreaths need to be distributed in a short amount of time at the boathouse).


Suggestions…opportunites…ideas or donations, we are all ears.


Happy Fall!

Chris Graham



For wreath information:


Concord Crew provides Capital Region middle and high school students with the opportunity to experience all the sport of rowing has to offer: competition, team building, fitness, community service and, yes, fun. We accept young athletes from the greater Concord, New Hampshire, area. We row from our Whittemore Boathouse on the Merrimack River in a fleet of top notch racing shells, with an experienced coaching staff and incredible support from the parents and friends of Concord Crew. We attend several fall races each year (usually including the Textile River Regatta, the NH Championships and the Head of the Fish), a full slate of spring races (including the Crimson Cup, the Sleigh Cup in Hanover, and the Saratoga Invitational), we run a youth summer learn-to-row program and organize winter conditioning. 

Crew Life

  • "Hands On"
  • Coxswain: driver, cheerleader, on-water coach
  • Happy Coaches make happy, productive rowers!
  • Shells and Launches put away for the winter.
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