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JLRacing Unisuit ordering

Your team store is open online at FRIENDS OF CONCORD CREW – JL Rowing All other garments are set at retail pricing with no minimums. We have the orders set to ship individually and the store is scheduled to close by EOD on 04/03. The store also includes our Training Essentials collection of staple training pieces for everyday use. Training Essential garments are sent through production along with the custom team gear but will not include any team logos or custom colors. There are no minimums on the Training Essential garments. The store orders will be shipped via FedEx and may require a signature for delivery. You can sign up for a MyFedEx account to manage delivery to set vacation holds or request that packages be held at a FedEx location.

Spring Notes 3-27-23

Hi all!   Welcome to Spring will be warmer before you know it. Take a look at all we have going on this spring and summer. 

Spring Meeting Notes

  • Saratoga - need reservations for April 28 & 29th
  • Swim test for novices - Joanie is arranging date and we will let you know ASAP
  • DOCK DAY & BOATHOUSE CLEANUP DAY...April 1st 9 - 12.
  • Food truck - Ranger BBQ April 14th after practice (not included with hospitality fees)
  • Seniors - remember speeches for end of season & Whittemore scholarship (we will send out the applications in a few weeks)
  • Grounds project for this spring/summer is the purchase and installation of a solar lighting system.
  • Crew Communication - main form will be email, check your spam if you are not getting, check your emails in sportsengine, if you still aren't getting emails, use the contact button to let us know. Check the website for updates, registrations, contact info and calendar. Facebook is sometimes used for announcements also.
  • APPAREL DAYS after practice - 3/30, 4/6, 4/20. Cash, check or credit card. See Susan Pagano for information on jacket order.
  • CC UNIFORM - for new rower/ coxswains please purchase a unisuit, current rowers and coxswains can get uni or stay with tank top. Unisuit link is on the website. 
  • HOSPITALITY - Parents have one shift, schedule coming out around April 1st, changes are to be coordinated amongst the parents. Schedule will be emailed and on the CC website.
  • WATERFRONT PARK UPDATE - in April or May city council will be discussing. Please consider attending. Email will go out with a firm date.
  • FALL WREATH COORDINATOR NEEDED - For the volunteer that handles this major fundraiser...Fall registration fees will be refunded back to you at the end of the season.
  • FALL NH CHAMPS PARKING COORDINATOR NEEDED - For the volunteer that handles this job....1/2 of Fall registration fees will be refunded back to you at the end of the season. 
  • Summer sculling is required for anyone who wants to scull race in the fall, there are (3) sculling sessions this summer

Events for the spring/Summer

  • National Learn to Row Day June 3rd - bring friends and neighbors to come try for free. 
  • Market Days June 22 - 24th, come help us in the booth and have fun downtown 
  • Concord National Night Out in Rollins Park - August 1st, come be there for the booth.

Help us be a better Club!

We survive on volunteers and can always use a little or a lot of help to be a better club.

  • Be a contact for your rower/coxswain school, delivery flyers/posters, find out about events or club days we could attend. Find that enthusiastic teacher who can help us spread the word
  • Do something with our photos! Organize them, put together a slideshow. 
  • Organize a fundraising dinner out (Constantly, Five Guys, Dos, Common Man...take your pick)
  • Help us fundraise for solar light system and possible new boat
  • Grounds work - weekly mowing & gas refill
  • Haul the Hospitality Trailer to the regattas or share this job with Chris Folloman

Contact me if you have any questions or just need to discuss something.

Happy Spring!

Chris G


Summer Learn-to-Scull Registration is OPEN!

Welcome to our Summer Session Sculling Program! 

We have three sessions, each lasting two weeks. Our program runs weekdays from 7 AM to 9 AM

Session 1: June 19 to June 30 Register Here

Session 2: July 10 to July 21 Register Here

Session 3: July 24 to August 4 Register Here

The Bert Whittemore Boathouse is located behind the Everett Arena at: 15 Loudon Rd, Concord, NH 03301.

Make sure to dress appropriately for the weather in clothes that allow movement for training. Be sure to bring water in a non-breakable container (not glass).

New to the sport of Crew? Checkout our Rowing Primer on the About Us page at for information on the basics of the sport of rowing.

Want to associate another guardian with your athlete? Adding another guardian allows that person to get messages related to Concord Crew events associated with your athlete. Follow the instructions here to add a guardian:

As always, please feel free to contact Concord Crew with registration questions at or contact our Head Coach, Steve Garside at

We are looking forward to seeing all of you at the Boathouse.


Concord Crew provides middle and high school students and adults from Concord ....and the surrounding areas (this is NOT a Concord High School sport) with the opportunity to experience all the sport of rowing has to offer: competition, team building, fitness, community service and, yes, fun. We accept young athletes from the greater Concord, New Hampshire, area. We row from our Whittemore Boathouse on the Merrimack River in a fleet of top notch racing shells, with an experienced coaching staff and incredible support from the parents and friends of Concord Crew. We attend several fall races each year (usually including the Textile River Regatta, the NH Championships and the Head of the Fish), a full slate of spring races (including the Crimson Cup, the Sleigh Cup in Hanover, and the Saratoga Invitational), we run a youth summer learn-to-row program and organize winter conditioning.

We have also recently added programs for Adults. These programs are for anyone 27+ yrs of age with or without experience. The coaches start from the beginning of how to row, focusing on learning the technique correctly first. There currently are adult summer sessions with a fall season, meeting 2-3 times a week. Check it out by visiting the registration page for details!

  • "Hands On"
  • Coxswain: driver, cheerleader, on-water coach
  • Happy Coaches make happy, productive rowers!
  • Shells and Launches put away for the winter.
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Concord Crew attends regularly. A peek into what an elite regatta is like.

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