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END-OF-SEASON MEETING, 11/4/2021, 6:30PM

Please plan on attending with your rower

See calendar for details.

Meet Our Concord Crew Parent Liaison!

My name is Chris Graham and my kids have been involved with Concord Crew since 2018. My oldest is now onto college and my youngest, Mathea, is one of the crew captains this season. When my kids started, I knew pretty much nothing about rowing.....or crew....or regattas. So I am quite familiar with showing up to a sport I had only heard of.

Why are you hearing from me? I am the newly elected Concord Crew Parent Liaison! The goal of the Parent Liaison is to be a contact for parents’ questions. We want to keep our lovely coaches freed up for coaching the kids and all the other million things they do behind the scenes. Unless you have a specific question in regards to your kids’ boat or specific practices or absences that only the coaches can answer, please contact me first.

Looking forward to seeing everyone,

Chris Graham
# 603-892-2472


Concord Crew provides Capital Region middle and high school students with the opportunity to experience all the sport of rowing has to offer: competition, team building, fitness, community service and, yes, fun. We accept young athletes from the greater Concord, New Hampshire, area. We row from our Whittemore Boathouse on the Merrimack River in a fleet of top notch racing shells, with an experienced coaching staff and incredible support from the parents and friends of Concord Crew. We attend several fall races each year (usually including the Textile River Regatta, the NH Championships and the Head of the Fish), a full slate of spring races (including the Crimson Cup, the Sleigh Cup in Hanover, and the Saratoga Invitational), we run a youth summer learn-to-row program and organize winter conditioning. 

Crew Life

  • "Hands On"
  • Coxswain: driver, cheerleader, on-water coach
  • Happy Coaches make happy, productive rowers!
  • Shells and Launches put away for the winter.
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Head of the Charles

Concord Crew attends regularly. A peek into what an elite regatta is like.

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