Our Mission

The Spirit of Concord Crew: Effort beyond talent, Character beyond effort

Crew is a little different from other sports. All of the students – boys and girls, everyone from varsity first boat to sixth boat – train together, practice together, race together. Everyone helps with the launches. Everyone endures the same cold wet days on the Merrimack. Everyone shares the same pain, the same pleasure. Everyone will have the same joy and exhilaration as the boat starts to sync and the speed increases. There is no individual effort. There is no individual glory. Only one boat: eight rowers, one coxswain, one shell. A racing boat.

At Concord Crew we take enormous pride in a program that has doubled in size since 2009, and simultaneously has increased its competitive success from top to bottom. Consistently winning seasons at regional regattas are the norm; even better, Concord Crew has been invited to participate in the Head of the Charles in recent seasons and has competed in the US Rowing Youth National Regatta with high schools from across the country twice. We believe any youth who wants to row and is willing to make the commitment (and it’s a big commitment) can be a strong part of this great team and will have a rewarding experience.

The Friends of Concord Crew is a not for profit, 501c membership organization. Each rower’s family is a member and entitled and expected to vote at the annual meeting every fall. The membership elects the Board of Directors who serve rotating three-year terms. There is also one coaching staff representative seat on the Board. The Board directly manages all operations of our program in consultation with the coaching staff.

Volunteer Committees conduct all work related to fund-raising, boathouse and equipment, communication, hospitality, and events. These committees draw from a wealth of volunteer expertise with the goal of the development of a successful and engaged youth rowing opportunity in the capital region.

The coaches make the day-to-day decisions about the rowing program, including practice times, boat placements, practice plans, and racing schedules.

Concord Crew Women go all out

Finish line in sight!