What is Hospitality?

The Hospitality Committee’s goal is to make the Regatta experience as pleasant as possible for rowers and their families. We provide shelter (large canopies), stoves, grills, tables and utensils, all delivered in our trailer. This equipment allows us to provide hot and cold beverages and nutritious pre-race and post-race food even in locations remote from stores and restaurants. The canopies provide a nice place to socialize, get out of the weather, and pass the day while we wait for our boats to come down the course. The committee relies on parents to volunteer for jobs during the day. Each week the committee will plan a menu, shop and transport the food to the Regatta.

We use the seasonal Hospitality Fee charged at the beginning of the season, at registration time, to provide nutritious meals for our rowers and their families.

Here is how it works: at the beginning of the season, the committee will develop a menu and list of parent volunteers for each Regatta.  Most Regattas typically involve at least two meals, with nutritious snacks available throughout the day. Please keep in mind that we are feeding a hungry horde of rowers and parents and that our goal is to provide nutritious food.

Questions? Contact a member of the Hospitality Committee

Volunteer jobs we ask parents for their assistance: unpacking the trailer (grills, tables, bins etc), manning the grill or stove, restocking the food tables, emptying trash, boiling water and making coffee, delivering and taking home recycling bin, taking home dirty silverware, washing it and returning to boathouse, taking down tent, re-loading the trailer, returning cooler to boat house etc. 

Remember—the traditional “Hoorah” at the end of each practice and regatta recognizes not only the efforts of the rowers but also of the families that make their participation possible and who keep them dry, fed and hydrated on race days.

Please refer to this season's volunteer schedule and note from our Hospitality coordinator. 

Concord Crew Hospitality Volunteers

Happy Hospitality Volunteers

Note from the Hospitality Coordinator

Hi Parents/Guardians -

Above is the schedule for shift rotations for parents for the Hospitality tent. The shift is listed under your child's
LAST name.
Tasks include:

  • AM shifts help set up the tent, unloading the hospitality trailer, help with AM meal preparation for rowers/families;
  • PM shifts help with PM meal preparation, clean up/breakdown of the tent area and loading the hospitality trailer.

I tried to do a mix of experienced and novice parents under the tent as well. My husband and I will be at the Regattas and under the tent working the shifts too. The end of day times listed on the schedule also may vary depending on race schedules, weather, delays, etc. The coaches know better on those race days and we look to them for updated information as it's available.

I would like to ask if you see you have been assigned a date/time you cannot make, please reach out via email, Facebook or Sports Engine to other parents to ask about swapping shifts. That would be greatly appreciated to be sure we have enough help.

Thank you all for your assistance with this coverage and we all look
forward to a great Fall crew season!
~ Betsy Riley, Hospitality 


Saturday, Sept. 21st, 2019

Team Scrimmage Pancake Breakfast (Concord Crew Boathouse)

7 am -12 pm:

Riley, Tetrault, Allen, Bhusari, Burns, Clarke & Horangic 

Sunday, Oct. 6th, 2019 

Lowell, MA (Textile River Regatta)

6 am - 11 am:

Malloy, Demopoulos, Dresser, Freed, Kiejza, Pollack & Wheeler 

11 am - 4 pm:

Lowne, Constant, Conway, Curry, McCarthy, Wineriter & Van Fleet 

Sunday, Oct. 13th, 2019 

NH Champs (Pembroke, NH)

6 am - 11 am:

Dater-Roberts, Flaherty, Foley, Graham, Hurley, LeMahieu & Willey 

11 am - 4 pm:

White, Prince-Ratliff, Pagano, Noel, Gialluca, Gustafsson & Iqbal 

Sunday, Oct. 27th 

Head of the Fish (Saratoga, NY)

6 am - 11 am:

Jones, Lee, Mellish, McNish, Klements, Lindgren & Quinn 

11 am - 4 pm:

Maurice, Russell, Qiu, Spalding, Malette, Nickle & McLaughlin