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The Season the Almost Happened

By Steve Garside, 04/01/20, 6:30AM EDT


Coaches thoughts on COVID-19 impact to season

Hi Concord Crew Nation, 

By now I am assuming most of you have seen the email from the board that brings our season to an end, before it ever kicked into gear.  It is an interesting situation for sure.  

I speak for all the coaches, when I say we are upset by the decision.  It is the right decision, we all understand it, and our hearts go out to our athletes.  The coaches and I just love rowing.  I can't explain it, but being able to teach someone to row and then watch them improve and grow, just makes me happy.  The coaches and I can really empathize with all the athletes who are missing out on a great spring season.  I may or may not have changed majors to stay in college an extra semester, just to continue rowing.  I can't imagine missing a season.  Especially the last season of ones high school career.  The rowing seasons are always filled with ups and downs, but like anything, the good memories will always stand out above all.  Even the not so good memories become good memories over time.  Overtime this season will be the one where it all was going to come together.  The tales will be endless.  The potential boundless!!!!  It can be and will be whatever you decide it to be! 

Going forward, I am looking forward to seeing everyone on the water at some time later in the spring or even over the summer.  June 6th is our Learn to Row day.  With a little luck, I think it will happen.  I would like to set that date as the tentative date to return the ergs, since we will be there.  I would also like to get the docks in the water as soon as it is safe to do so.  

There are no definite plans, but there are talks about possibly doing an early morning summer rowing program.  Sculling and sweep rowing.  The afternoons will still have the Learn to Row.  Either way all Concord rowers are welcome at the Learn to Row.  Having experienced rowers around helps bring the new kids up to speed faster.  It also counts as community service hours if you need them for school.  How can you go wrong with rowing as a community service?!?!?!  

Even though we did not have a spring season, I would love to have a pseudo end of season meeting, even if it happened over the summer.  I would not feel right sending the out going seniors off without a chance to tell us about their passion for rowing and giving thanks to their parents to making it possible.  It is my favorite activity out of everything we do as a team.  

One last item.  If you are on Facebook you may have seen a post about this Wednesday and Sunday supporting Constantly Pizza.  They are a big supporter of Concord Crew and are always offering to help us out.  We are looking to return the favor in this time of uncertainty.  We would love it if you could order some take out from them tomorrow or Sunday, or both if you feel so inclined.  It is a small token of appreciation to a local business who is always there for us.   

Thank you all again for all your support!  Stay safe and keep the meters coming on the World Erg Challenge.