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Scholarship Information


The cost of crew is high, and we are constantly working to balance the requirements for equipment, operating expenses, and fees passed on to our rowers. The board has been working to respond to changes in the rowing world and in the needs of our members. Since our founding, we’ve offered need-based assistance to area families who are financially challenged to get their rower in a boat.

This year the program is being improved to serve our membership more equitably. If your family needs help paying registration fees you will have the opportunity to apply for aid at the time of registration. Based on the number of applicants, the available funds, and the level of need expressed, we will be awarding selected families a percentage of the registration fees. Unfortunately, there is no assistance available for US Rowing or Hospitality Fees.

In the past, we’ve struggled with how to fairly administer this program. We would like the plan to be self-regulating, with each family making the decision to apply or not, based on their own, unique situation.

If you apply, and are awarded a scholarship, you should expect to make a significant contribution to the success of the organization through volunteer participation in all crew events, both on the water and off. Families will be expected to complete a predetermined number of volunteer hours participating in activities such as helping set up and tear down after regattas, install and remove docks, upkeep at the boathouse, volunteering at fundraising events in addition to selling the required number of wreaths in the fall Wreath Campaign. This is not intended to be embarrassing, punitive, or to publicly name those who receive scholarship in any way. Scholarships will still be a confidential agreement between the scholarship committee and each family. The idea is to make sure that those who are awarded scholarships are fully engaged in the organization and contributing in some way other than financial. It’s hard work to keep this boat afloat.

Scholarship Application

After reading the guidelines published above please fill out the form here to submit your request to the Concord Crew scholarship committee.